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Welcome to Om Sai Packaging

North India's premier corrugated box maker, prioritizing quality, speed, and collaboration.

Founded in 2016, Om Sai Packaging has become a pioneering force in North India's corrugated box manufacturing industry. With an unwavering dedication to top-tier quality and production efficiency, we've garnered the trust of numerous satisfied clients. Our strategic partnership with Sterling Corrugation Industry Pvt. Ltd. has bolstered our capabilities, allowing us to increase production speed without sacrificing the exceptional quality for which we're renowned. Backed by 15 years of distinguished experience in the corrugation sector, we offer unparalleled expertise to address a wide range of packaging requirements.



We would like to introduce Om Sai Packaging as a leading manufacturer of Corrugated boxes.


Printed Corrugated Boxes , Mono Cartons, PDQ/ CDU'S , Slip Sheets , Wooden or Ply Pallet


In "Om Sai Packaging" we have in house-quality control & test laboratory with the various facilities.

Om Sai Packaging


boxes production per day.

Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality at affordable price.

Business Growth

We understand how growth is important to you, so that you can focus on your main function, let us handle the packaging side of your business.

Constant Cost Saving Mindset with Quality

We strive to provide better value by cutting costs wherever possible at the same time improving value. We have deployed full scale testing laboratory.

Strive for Perfectionism

Our aim to set standard processes to streamline our production, logistics, procurement & sales. It will eventually benefit in terms of satisfaction.

Smart Experience

We are moving full scale with Customised ERP for end to end processes, where all the stakeholders are the part of system.

Strict Deadline

We believe, packaging is a service business, hence we strive to serve customers with utmost satisfaction where delivery being most important business process.

Reputed Company

In industry since 2016, Om Sai Packaging has earned a name for itself.
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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

We were looking to buy corrugated boards for our manufacturing business. Bhiwadi has lots of corrugated boards manufacturers but I found that Om Sai Packaging has real good machinery where it’s corrugated boards quality is above par compared to peers.

We placed a trial order & we found that the quality of corrugated was better, moisture was less and over all board looked much better. We instantly observed the difference and switched our supplier to Om Sai Packaging Industry. I as a Purcahse Manager, recommend Om Sai Packaging for preffered supplier of corrugated boards or cardboard sheets.

Rahul Sharma

CEO, (Confidential Info)